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The program consists of well developed junior and senior Science components. Students are offered opportunities to develop their skills and increase their knowledge through formal labs, field trips and outside contests. The common theme through all junior and senior Science courses is the acquisition of a wide range of knowledge, methods and approaches that allow critical thinking


  • develop in our students the capacity to think critically, especially when analyzing personal and societal issues
  • cultivate our students’ appreciation for the scientific endeavor and their potential to contribute to it
  • provide our students with the opportunity and skills to pursue further study in a scientific field or a field related to science
  • facilitate our students’ exploration and appreciation for the many connections between science and our Catholic Faith

Science Department

Ms. Treacy Department Head
Science 10, Chemistry 11, Chemistry 12 
Mr. Cune Physics 11, Physics 12, AP Physics 12 ncune@aquinas.org
Mr. Lamasan Science 8, Science 10, Biology 11 lamasan@aquinas.org
Miss Liang Science 9 liang@aquinas.org
Mrs. Pilar Science 9, Science 10, Earth Science 11, Biology 12 apilar@aquinas.org


Grade 8 & 9 students are invited to join us at lunch time on Wednesdays in Room 504 to compete in a variety of science-themed challenges such as building a boat out of aluminum foil that can hold the most pennies, building the tallest tower using marshmallows and toothpicks, and building a popsicle car that is powered by a balloon!