STA offers a good selection of business courses: Accounting 11, Marketing 11, and Economics 12. Coursework in business offers students exposure to critical thinking, decision making and team building. Whether interested in a business diploma or degree, or just looking for an interesting elective, business courses are for everyone!


 Mr. Galat 

 Department Head

 Mr. Barber

 Marketing 11, Entrepreneurship 11, Accounting 11

 Mr. Vesco

 Economics 12


Accounting 11

This course introduces students to the world of business and in particular a system for dealing with financial information to assist in making business decisions. Students will learn how to handle a variety of business transactions and prepare simple financial reports. The goal is to teach students how to do the duties of an entry-level bookkeeper. Microsoft Excel software will be introduced along the way. In addition, a number of related business topics will be discussed informally as student interest and time allows. Students may have the opportunity to participate in a business simulation on-line using the decision making skills learned in the course.


Marketing 11

Students will learn what motivates people to buy, how companies compete for market share and how products are designed to sell. Competition, distribution, advertising, price, market demographics, international trade and consumer confidence are topics for discussion in the classroom. Guest speakers bring the real world application of marketing to the classroom.