Christian Education

Every student in St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Secondary School studies Christian education in a grade level class. Over the five years topics such as morality, vocation, history, theology and scripture are presented. All courses foster an opportunity for personal spiritual growth through prayer, social justice awareness and community service.

The Christian Education Department strives to build the faith of our students by handing on the knowledge of the Church's history and teachings in the following areas:

  • Grade 8: The Old Testament, Ms. Liang  
See google classroom! **The Google Classroom Code is listed in the Course Outline!
  • Grade 9: The New Testament

  • Grade 10: Catholic Morality

  • Grade 11: Church History

  • Grade 12: Sacraments, Vocations, Christian Witness in the World, Beatitude Living


 Mr. Grossling

 Department Head
 CE 12

 Mr. Keong

 CE 10 / 11

 Ms. Liang

 CE 8

 Mr. McCaffery

 CE 11

 Mrs. Macek

 CE 8

 Mrs. Purkiss
 CE 8 / 9

 Ms. Stevenson

 CE 10

 Ms. Thorpe

 Mr. Vachon

 CE 9


Catholic websites

Useful Catholic resources to help you with your assignments:

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Eternal World Television Network (U.S.): 

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