As language is fundamental to thinking, learning, and communicating in all cultures, St. Thomas Aquinas' English Department strives to develop each student's ability to understand and use language more fully. 

The English curriculum, in providing students with the opportunity to study literary, informational and mass media communications, allows them to experience the power of language in all of its forms. In keeping with curricular objectives, students are encouraged to become lifelong readers and thus learners through designated silent reading time in English classes. In addition, they are provided with opportunities for both formal and informal public speaking, as well as enrichment through various writing contests.

Courses Offered

English 8

English 9

English 10

English 11
  • Communications 11
  • Honours English 11
English 12
  • Communications 12
  • English Literature 12
  • Honours English 12
  • Writing 12


 Mr. Prescott

 Department Head
 English 12, Writing 12

 Mrs. Hughes

 English 9

 Ms. Mattia

 English 8, English Literature 12

 Mr. Mendoza

 English 8, English 10,   Communications 11/12

 Mr. Natola
 English 11

 Ms. Natola

 English 9

 Mrs. Neuls

 English 12

 Ms. Savino

 English 11

 Mrs. Sawdon

 Hon. English 11, Hon. English 12,   English 12

 Ms. Stagnitta

 Transitional English 11

 Ms. Thorpe