Fine Arts

Students develop artistic skills, creativity, self-discipline, self-motivation and self-confidence

Through study and participation in the Fine Arts, students develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed for lifelong learning and to meet the challenges of the changing workplace and world. The Fine Arts Department plays an integral role in forming the well-rounded student and provides extra-curricular activities to further enhance their skills. From annual productions and improvisation teams to Sound Crew and Art Club, opportunities abound in the Arts at STA.


  • Grades 8 to 12: Visual Arts      
  • Grades 11 & 12: Media Arts 
  • Grades 8 to 12: Drama
  • Grades 8 to 12: Music (Concert Band, Jazz Ensembles - Junior & Senior)
  • Grades 8 to 12: Choir (Concert & Chamber Choir)


 Ms. McAllister

 Department Head
 Drama 8, Drama 9, Drama 10,   Acting 11/12

 Mr. Guy

 Music 8, Music 9, Music 10

 Mr. Horton

 Music 11, Music 12

 Ms. T Macek

 Art 8, Art 9, Art 10, Art 11, Art 12

 Mrs. Rebane

 Choral 8-12


  • Art 8, 9 and 10: one term courses.
  • Art 11 and Art 12: full year courses. 


  • Drama 8, 9, 10: Offered as a half-year course
  • Acting11 and 12: Offered as a full year course


*The Art courses, give students the opportunity to enhance their creativity and develop their artistic skills.  All courses begin with students learning the following Perceptual Skills:  The perception of edges, positive shapes and negative spaces, lights and darks, and relationships.  These skills come together, and students are able to draw. Art courses are organized under the following activities:

  1. Image Development and Design Strategies - how to develop a work of art. 
  2. Context - how to express cultural, historical, religious, political, and personal messages while studying the various Art Movements. 
  3. Visual Elements and Principles of Design - how to use the visual ingredients and tools of art. 
  4. Materials, Technologies, and Processes - exploring various media, and ways to create art. 

We explore the following areas:
Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Ceramics & Sculpture, and Fabric Arts. The Art room is filled with amazing supplies, and various media to try out. 

In Art 11 and Art 12, students develop an extensive portfolio. These can be used to present works for post secondary Art Schools and Scholarships.


**Students enrolled in Drama and Acting are given the opportunity to join our extracurricular Improv Team as well as our Theatre Production.