Information & Communication Technology

ICT has changed the way students collect, manage, and synthesize information. To prepare students for the learning opportunities present today students must move past basic ICT literacy and become more proficient with emerging technologies. Through the use of course management systems and industry standard software the department works to prepare students for their future education.


 Mr. Galat

 Department Head
 IT 11, Programming 12

 Mr. Appleton
 IT 8

 Mr. Guy

 IT 8

 Mrs. Neuls

 IT 9

 Mrs. Sawdon

 Media Arts 11/12

 Ms. Thorpe

 IT 8, IT 9

 Mr. Vesco

 IT 9, IT 10




  • ICT 8

  • ICT 9

  • ICT 10

  • ICT 11: Media Development 

  • ICT 12: Programming 

  • Media Arts 11 & 12 

Course Offerings

The department works constantly to stay abreast of changes in the IT field. In IT courses and other subjects, students work with the latest applications and deploy emerging technologies.

S.T.A. offers:

  • Wireless Campus

  • Student email addresses

  • 1:5 computer to student ratio

  • multimedia editing and animation

  • Cross-curricular integration