Parent Association

Parent Association happen on the First Thursday of each month September to June (except January) at 9:15 am in the Convent.

The meetings are usually 1 1/2 hours long.
We  Welcome and Encourage all parents to volunteer at school. The Parent Association runs Events throughout the school year and all these
events need parent volunteers to be successful.
Come and learn more about what's happening at STA hight school.
The Role of the Parent Association is a support system to school, the PA help in several school events:
 September, 25th
 Grade 12 Parent Mtg 
 Kika Souza
 October, 3rd 
 Decembe, 10th
 Christmas Concert  
 Paola Puelle
 December, 17th
 Fine Arts Evening
 Paola Puelle
 January, 30th 
 Gr. 9 Immunization
 Susan Chow
 Spring Plant Sale
 STA Open House
 New Parents Night
 June, 3rd
 Fine Arts Evening


Every year the Parent Association will host other Sales Events and the funds must be used directly to support the school or students enhancing their extracurricular opportunities (eg. Sport tents, Fine Arts equipment, new this year two scholarship will be giving to students in gr.12).

 Poinsettia Sale
 Maureen Lum


Parent Association contact:

Chair                                    Paola Puelle          

Secretary/Treasurer             Michelle Cox         

Education C. liaise               Ericka Kamali         


PAC organizes the following Fundraisers:
Spring Garden Fundraiser
Christmas Poinsettia Fundraiser
Christmas Concerts
Grad Mass