Student Life

Overall mission and vision for the year: to build school spirit!

  • Support admin at opening school and other assemblies/liturgies

  • Oversee student led announcements at STA

  • Run grade rep elections for further leadership support

  • Initiate and develop the grade 12/8 mentorship programme

  • Organize the grade 12/8 welcome BBQ lunch

  • Develop the mission rep programme as a further extension of student council to co-ordinate with campus ministry leadership opportunities

  • Promote and support the STA Walkathon fundraiser

  • Organize regular school spirit days to support important charitable concerns

  • Organize three school dances throughout the year

  • Oversee the candygram programme throughout the year

  • Support Canada’s National Anti-Bullying Campaign by organizing a “pink shirt” awareness day

  • Audition for, and oversee, the STA talent show

  • Plan and run the STA International night

  • Develop and service a student led web site to promote student events and ideas at STA