John Campbell

Principal -

Mr. Campbell has been the principal of STA since 2012. Prior to STA he was principal of Immaculata High School in Kelowna for 17 years. Mr. Campbell holds a Bachelors of Science and a Masters of Education Administration.

Joe Galat

Vice Principal -

Mr. Galat has taught at STA for the past 25 years and has held the roles of IT Dep Head, Network Admin and Academic Counsellor. He holds Bachelor degrees in Arts (Geography) and Education, and Masters of Education Technology all from UBC.

Tim Horton

Vice Principal -

Mr. Horton joined STA in 1988 and has served as Vice-Principal since 2005. He also teaches Senior Concert Band and Senior Jazz Ensemble. Mr. Horton holds a Bachelor of Music Education and a Bachelor of Jazz Studies.

Chris Campbell

Academic Counsellor -

Campus Ministry

Father Cardoso

School Priest

Ms. Hughes

Campus Minstry

STA Grad 2012

Office Staff

Ms. Donovan

Office Manager

Ms. Brickell


Ms. Schmidt

Administrative Assistant


Mr. Appleton

Math / PE / Science / IT

Mr. Cune

Physics / Math

Ms. Hughes

English / Socials

Ms. Martins


Mr. Natola

English / Drama

Ms. Pilar


STA Grad 2009

Ms. Savino

PE / English

STA Grad 2000

Ms. Stevenson

Christian Education / LRC

Ms. Rebane


Ms. Arkiletian


Mr. Domina

Math / French

Mr. Keong

Religion/ IT/ Geography

STA Grad 2007

Ms. Mattia

English/Teacher Librarian

Ms. Natola


Mr. Prescott

English / PE

Ms. Sawdon

English / Media Arts

Ms. Treacy


Mr. Salituro

Socials / Academic Advisor / Athletic Director

Mr. Barber

Business / LRC

Mr. Flores


STA Grad 2012

Mr. Lamasan


Mr. McCaffery

Religion / Socials

Mr. O'Flynn


Ms. Purkiss

Religion / PE

Mr. Slivinski

Social Studies

STA Grad 2002

Mr. Vachon

Religion/ PE

Mr. Woitowitsch

Music/ Religion

MS. Chun

Math/ ADST

Mr. Grossling

Religion / History/ Philosophy

STA Grad 1994

Ms. Liang


Mr. Mendoza

English / Librarian

Mr. O'Toole


Mr. Savage


Ms. Stagnitta

French / Spanish / ESL

Teaching Assistants (LRC)

Mr. Field

LRC Coordinator

Ms. Cune

Life Skills Assistant

Ms. Miiller

STA Grad

Ms. Peters

Ms. Young

Life Skills Assistant

Ms. Morris

LRC Coordinator

Mr. Dear

Educational Assistant

Ms. Halsall

Life Skills Assistant

STA Grad 1987

Ms. Morris

Educational Assistant

Ms. Rojo

Educational Assistant

STA Grad 2010

Mr. Cheng

Life Skills Assistant

Ms. Esmail

Life Skills Assistant

Ms. Jukich

Educational Assistant

Ms. Morrison

Educational Assistant

Mr. Christopher

Educational Assistant

Ms. Essex

Life Skills Assistant

Ms. Kitchener

Educational Assistant

Mr. Overes

Educational Assistant

Mr. Tapp

Educational Assistant

STA Grad 2004

Professional Staff

Ms. Iranrad

Library Technician

Ms. Atkinson

Director of Advancement

Ms. Harlos


Ms. D'Silva


Kitchen Staff

Patricia Kwok-Choon

Diane Bennett

Custodial Staff

Mr. Landicho

Mr. Lazaro

Mr. Daniel