Fine Arts Department                                                                                     

The Visual Art department contributes to a student’s overall learning experience by allowing students to explore creativity and self-expression as well as develop technical skills in various mediums.                    An important aspect of intellectual growth in students is their ability to form their own unique ideas, values and beliefs; art is a means of communicating these through a visual language that includes drawing, painting, sculpture, and print-making.  In addition, gallery visits and field trips awaken student’s interest in the cultural and artistic world.  Art class is offered from grade 8 to grade 12.

Clubs and Activities                                                 Students who choose to take Art will be able to
showcase their work at both Winter and Spring
exhibitions at the school.                                           Students who take a special interest in Art are
also welcome to join the STA Art Club, which offers
an opportunity for creative students to further develop
their skills in a number of mediums.

Field Trips
In order to expand students knowledge of art history in addition to developing their own creative skills, the Art department provides visits to a number of museums and galleries in the city to educate and inspire students.

Big Ideas