English Language Arts

The power of the written word


English Department

The English Department is aimed at developing students’ fundamental reading, writing and oral skills.  The department also strives to develop reading ability through exposure to and critical analysis of important literary works.
The curriculum of our courses provides a wide range of opportunity for students to study literary, informational and mass media communications, allowing them to experience the power of language in all its form.                                                                                                  
Course Offerings
  • English Language Arts 8
  • English Language Arts 9
  • Composition 10 (2 credits)
  • Creative Writing 10 (2 credits)
  • Composition 11 (4 credits) or
  • Honours Compositions 11 (4 credits)
  • English Studies 12 (4 credits) or
  • Honours English Studies 12 (4 credits)


Additional Offerings
  • Creative Writing 12 (4 credits): designed for students who are interested in using writing for self-expression and various creative purposes
  • Focused Literary Studies 12 (4 credits): allows students to delve more deeply into literature.
Field Trips
Excursions in the English department include theatre performances, art galleries, and writer’s festivals  Guest lectures from authors and media publishers are also common.
Big Ideas