Social Studies
Exploring new worlds

Social Studies Department
The main purpose of the Social Studies curriculum is to develop graduates who have the knowledge, skills, and competencies to be active, informed citizens.  An informed citizen understands key historical, geographical, political, economic, and societal concepts, and how these different factors relate to and interact with each other.

Students will build deep understandings and create their own knowledge through investigations into interesting, open-ended questions, debating and discussing historical and contemporary issues, and developing and supporting their own hypotheses, solutions and conclusions.

Course Offerings
Social Studies 8-10 draw on topics from disciplines within the humanities and social sciences, primarily history, geography, political science, and economics, with contributions from other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, and anthropology.  Uniting these disciplines is their focus on human activities, behaviours, and interactions with both other humans and the environment.

Senior Electives are subject to student interest and teacher availability.  They include:
  • 20th Century World History 11
  • Comparative Cultures 12
  • Economic Theory 12
  • Human Geography 12
  • Law Studies 12
  • Political Studies 12
  • Physical Geography 12
  • Psychology 12


Big Ideas