International Students

A Part of STA Community Since the Early Seventies

Application Procedure

  1. Please read and complete the Criteria for Acceptance of International Students and the International Student Application Form.
  2. Send with the completed Application Forms,  a copy of your Student Visa (if you have one), a copy of a transcript of your most recent marks with an English translation if necessary and the $275 application fee. For information regarding dress code and uniforms please return to the Admissions page. 

Please note that completing these forms does not guarantee acceptance.


Good luck and thank you for your interest in our school!

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Acceptance Criteria

  1. The students must have attained a level of spoken and written English that will enable them to study the secondary school curriculum. There are no English as a Second Language courses offered at St. Thomas Aquinas. Students may be required to attend English as a Second Language courses after school hours.

  2. International students should be at least 16 years of age or living with a parent.We have no dormitory facilities and students must arrange their own homestay placements. We strongly recommend that the student stays with an English speaking family.

  3. Students must submit a transcript of their most recent marks. Please provide an English translation if necessary.

  4. Students residing in Canada must submit a copy of their Student Visa and a copy of their guardians Canadian citizenship or Landed Immigrant document.

  5. Students applying from outside of Canada should take their Letter of Acceptance to the Canadian Immigration office nearest them to apply for a Student Visa. This procedure can take 6-8 weeks.

  6. If possible, the applying student and guardian should make an appointment for an interview with the principal.

  7. Standards regarding absenteeism and participation in extra-curricular activities must be agreed to at the time of application. Chronic tardiness and absenteeism will be dealt with very seriously and could result in students losing the Student Visa status in Canada.