Social Studies

The intent of the Social Studies Department is to expand students' understanding of the historical, political and geographical world that surrounds them. History comes alive with the study of original documents, as well as paintings and pictures through multimedia teacher presentations. Students gain valuable geographic skills using scientific field equipment and develop their cartographic skills using Geographic Information Systems. Program highlights include an Honours 9/10 course at the junior level and a full complement of senior electives including: History, Geography, Comparative Civilizations, and Law 12.


 Mr. Francis

 Department Head
 Socials 9, Socials 10

 Mr. Campbell

 Socials 11

 Mr. Francis
 socials 9 / 10

 Mr. Galat

 Geography 12

 Mr. Grossling

 History 12

 Mrs. Hughes

 Socials 8

Mr. Keong
 Socials 9

 Mr. McCaffery

 Law 12

 Ms. Natola

 Socials 9 / 10

 Mrs. Neuls

 Psychology 12

 Mr. Salituro

 Socials 10, Civ 12

Courses Offered

Social Studies 8
World Civilizations 500 - 1600

Social Studies 9
Europe and North America History 1500-1815

Social Studies 9/10
Combines Socials Studies 9 & Social Studies 10 

Social Studies 10
Canadian History from 1815-1914, Canadian Geography and Economics  

Social Studies 11 
World Geography, Government and 20th Century Canadian History 

Comparative Civilizations 12
World History up to 16th Century

Geography 12
Physical Geography & Environment, Resources & Environmental Issues

History 12 
 20th Century World History

Law 12
Canadian Civil, Criminal and Family Law