Adding a Device to the AQUINAS Wireless Domain

How to join the Aquinas WiFi

If you are using the wireless connection at STA and you have not added your device to the AQUINAS domain chances are you are using the Guest network called Saints.  This network is throttled and limits the number of devices that can connect to any access point.  Because of this you may experience slow speeds and intermittent connections.

To join the AQUINAS domain you will first need to:

  1. connect to SAINTS so that you are on our network.
  2. go to
  3. ignore the security warnings.
  4. enter your aquinas username and password   ie.  jgalat  ----  password
  5. It will prompt you to download or install an app.  ** Note if you do not allow 3rd party apps on your device you will need to enable them.
  6. ***The app only works on older versions of Apple and Android OS so YOU WILL NEED TO 


  1. Click on the Click HERE indicated by the Red Arrow  then
  2. You will need to copy and past the long string of characters in the box above indicated by the red arrow -THIS IS YOUR PASSCODE for YOUR ACCOUNT
  3. Now change the network to AQUINAS and when it prompts for the password you put in this string.
  4. Now make sure when you get to STA you choose AQUINAS as the Wifi network and you will be up and running.