If you are using the wireless connection at STA and you have not added your device to the Authenticated domain, chances are you are using the Guest network called Saints. This network is throttled and limits the number of devices that can connect to any access point. Because of this you may experience slow speeds and intermittent connections.

To join the Authenticated domain you will first need to select the network in your wifi menu:

You will be asked for a password to make the secure connection. The password is Saints1959 (notice the capital S).

After connecting to the network, you will have to authenticate using the credentials of your school account. Keep in mind that this is the username and password you use to log in to school computers, NOT your google account you use for google classroom (though for most students, their usernames and passwords for both are the same)

Step 1: Send the print job to the printer


This step will vary depending on the program you are printing from, but all you need to do is select the appropriate printer ending with the "on ARIA" tag. Once you select this printer and choose print, the job will be sent to the PaperCut server, and you will next need to approve the job online.

In Google Docs, you will have to select the printer by choosing the "See More" menu and finding the appropriate printer from the list. If no ARIA printers are displayed, ensure you are printing through your "" account, rather than your personal google account:

Step 2: Login to PaperCut Server

papercutLogin.PNG Next, visit on your web browser. On this page, you can log in via your usual STA login credentials. Note that you do not need to end your username with "".

Step 3: Navigate to Jobs Pending Page

summaryPage.PNGYou will arrive at your Summary page. Select "Jobs Pending Release" in the bar along the left to switch to the correct screen.

NOTE: You may also print documents from here directly through the bottom "Web Print" page. This allows you to log in with your own phone/laptop and print to the school's computers without logging in as a student/teacher.

Step 4: Approve or Cancel Job


On this screen, you can see your pending jobs and choose to either send them to the printer (by clicking print for each job, or "Release All" to send all jobs), or, if you change your mind about the job or want to change the settings (such as the printer being used or the number of pages), you may cancel the job and send a new request by repeating from step 1. Note that each page costs you money from your balance, which is refreshed on a monthly basis. Keep this in mind as you are printing out larger jobs.

  1. Go to from any computer at STA.
  2. Login with your email address and the password you were given. If you forget your password please submit a ticket.
  3. Once you login you will see a panel like below (yours will not have the admin tab). Print off a bubble sheet. You can then photocopy this bubble sheet to give to your class for the test.
    ***** It is important that you use a fresh print out of your bubble sheet and not several generation old bubble sheet. *****step3.png
  4. Have students complete their test on the bubble sheet filling in their student number and name. The block does not matter so don’t use it.
    • Students must not make any marks near the crosshairs in the corners.
    • Students should colour in each bubble with a dark No.2 pencil
  5. When the test is done create your key.
    • In the Student ID section, put your teacher number (found on the wall on the far side of the photocopier room).
  6. Using either of the photocopiers in the photocopier room, or the downstairs science wing photocoper, place your tests in the feed, with the answer key on top.
  7. Select "E-Mail" on the photocopier's main menu
  8. Here, we must change the action from "E-Mail" to "Network Folder". Click "E-Mail" again, then select "Network Folder" and press "OK".

  9. We now must select the Testmarker folder. Simply press "Address Book", and select "Test Marker", which should be the only option. Press "OK" to confirm.

  10. Press "Start" in the bottom right to begin scanning your tests.
  11. The results will be visible in your Testmarker page, at the bottom of the home screen. Clicking on the green box will open the details of that test's results.

How to Subscribe To STA Calendars using your computer & phone:

The easy way (on Google Calendar or Gmail)

  1. Log in to your Google account;
  2. In a different browser tab, go to the school website calendar:
  3. Click the Google Calendar add button in the bottom-right of the calendar.

The less-easy way (on a PC, Mac or phone)

Google has instructions on how to subscribe to a calendar in their Sync Center:

For each of the following STA calendars, follow Google's instructions for your software to subscribe to that calendar.

  1. School (general main calendar:
  2. Athletics:
  3. Student Services:

If you're having any technical issues, you can submit a request for help through our site. First, visit to make a request or view the progress on previous requests.

When submitting a ticket, be sure to fill out all required fields. A member of the IT Department will get back to you at their earliest convenience to fix your problem.

Chrome Users

Open Chrome and go the the address:

Login with your credentials.

Once you have logged in Click the 3 dots in the top right hand corner and then click the Add to Home Screen. Follow the prompts and this will make an Icon on your phone when you click will take you to your powerschool.

Safari Users

It is about the same but you need to go the address:

Login with your credentials.

Once you have logged in Click the options icon at the bottom and scroll down to Add to Home Screen. Follow the prompts and this will make an Icon on your phone when you click will take you to your powerschool.

1. Connect to Authenticated Wifi

2. Open a Browser and type

3. Follow the instructions and Proceed with software installation

4. When it’s time to print, just print like you normally do

5. When prompted enter your Aquinas Username and Password

NOTE: Please type your username and not your full Aquinas email. (Ex. If your email is, your username is student2020)

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