The school’s gift card program is called SchoolBucks. The program sells the shopping cards at face value and the retail store gives a good discount. The school collects the difference. One way to get involved with the SchoolBucks program is to begin buying gift cards on a regular basis. Since 100% of funds generated from this fundraising program go directly to the STA Campus Ministry, we all want to ensure this program works as well as we know it can!

What You Pay Is What You Get.

When you order $100 worth of gift cards you pay $100, and you receive gift cards worth $100 to use for your everyday shopping in the stores you like to shop.

How Does It Work?

The school pre-purchases gift cards in bulk from a variety of retailers at a discounted price. Each merchant’s gift card discount varies between 2% and 10%. Our school community orders these gift cards through the STA SchoolBucks program and pay face value of each of the cards. The school keeps the discount as profit. Between $2 and $10 for every $100 sold.

An Example:

When you order a $100 Save-On Foods grocery card, you pay $100 by cheque, cash. The school has now earned $6 from your purchase.

The Power of the Purchase

It may not seem like much for a $100 purchase, but think of how much you and your family spends on groceries every week, even every month!

What if you ordered a $100 grocery card each week? The school would earn $24 each month from our regular grocery shopping, and it didn’t cost you one penny extra!

What if all 400 families in our school purchased a $100 grocery card each week?

The school would earn $9,600 each month!

What if all 400 families in our school purchased a $100 grocery card each week for the entire school year?

The school would earn $96,000 in a single year!

And just think, what if you included family, friends and company purchases!

Easier Than You Think

  • Fill out the Order Form which comes every two weeks via email. Forms can also be downloaded from the school website, as well as found outside the school office.
  • Send the order form, along with your payment, to the school office.
  • Orders are available one week later, as long as school is in session.

Payment Options

  • All of the SchoolBucks orders can be paid by cash or cheque.

Card Pick-Up

  • Orders will be ready approximately one week after the order date outside of the school office between 2:30pm and 3:30pm.
  • Students can be authorized to pick-up your cards by completing the Authorization Section on the order form.
  • If you cannot pick-up your SchoolBucks on the specified pick-up day, you can collect them after at the school office between 8:00am and 4:00pm on school days.

It may seem like a lot of information, but you have to try it once to fully understand how easy it really is!!

It doesn't have to just always be for products you already use either.
Be creative!

In the past, parents have used the SchoolBucks program to budget their monthly grocery expenses, purchase corporate gifts, donate to local food banks... and more.You tell us what it can be used for. There is no need to change your buying habits, just include SchoolBucks!

By purchasing SchoolBucks gift cards for your everyday purchases you can make a difference in the big picture of our new school. Just imagine if we were all involved?