Excellence in performance

Music Department
The Music department has course options for those students interested in developing the highly disciplined skill of playing an instrument.  Band provides a setting in which these life-long skills can be harnessed, while giving students valuable experience performing as an ensemble, both at school events and on field trips.

Choral music provides an outlet for students who love to sing and who wish to perform in settings that are both challenging and exciting.  Field trips provide opportunities for students to perform around the world, fostering a love for performance that extends outside the school walls.

Course offerings
Beginners Band 8: Suitable for students
with little to no experience playing
instruments or reading music.
Intermediate Band 8: Suitable for students
with one to three years’ experience on a
wind, brass, percussion instrument
(ie. Holy Trinity, Saint Pius X and public
school programs).


Concert Band 9-12: Junior and Senior
Concert Band are offered within the timetable as a regular block.
Jazz Ensemble 8-12: Jazz Ensemble is offered outside of the standard timetable as an accredited course, after school and at lunch.
Concert and Chamber Choir 8-12: Offered outside the standard timetable, before school begins

Field trips
Junior Concert Band is offered opportunities to travel (ie. Sun Peaks/Whistler Music Festival).  Senior Concert Band is offered a trip to perform in California in alternate years.

The Choirs are offered opportunities to travel (ie. Rocky Mountain Music Festival – Banff, San Francisco, and Europe).

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