“Respect, community, perseverance, responsibility and faith are what makes STA special school. With respect and community, we form friendships by encouraging and helping one another. With perseverance, the staff truly do their best to help students achieve their desired goals. With responsibility we choose our actions wisely to build a positive school environment. And with faith, we strive to strengthen our relationship with God.”
- Nicole, STA Grad 2017

Over the past 60 years, support from the STA Catholic community and the community-at-large has enabled the school to grow and provide our Saints the essential tools, programs, and facilities that enhance their student learning experience, enable them to grow in their faith, develop their talents and become successful in their pursuit of excellence in all endeavours.

Joyful giving makes bursaries and scholarships available to STA families. 
Through your generous giving, your gift enriches STA curricular and co-curricular programs raises the bar for student achievement in fine arts, athletics, academics, sciences and faith.


Your gifts allow STA to acquire up-to-date teaching and learning technologies that equip our highly dedicated faculty and staff with tools to address the educational needs of our Saints.
Donor giving to enhance STA facilities elevates the quality of our student’s learning environment and experience. It is what makes STA a second home to our Saints and STA community.