STA offers course options for students interested in developing the highly disciplined skill of playing an instrument. Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble provide a setting in which these life-long skills can be harnessed, while giving students valuable experience performing as an ensemble.
Field trips such as the Sun Peaks & Whistler Festivals and the Disneyland/San Diego trip provide additional enrichment opportunities further afield.
Choral Music
Choral Music provides an outlet for students who love to sing and who wish to perform in settings that are both challenging and exciting. Field trips allow students to perform around the world fostering a love for performance that extends outside the school walls.
Fine Arts
The Art department contributes to an overall learning experience by allowing students to practice individual self-expression. For students, art can be a means of communicating their own unique ideas, values and beliefs through visual language.

Performing Arts
Drama not only teaches elements of stage performance, it also builds confidence and allows students to find an individual voice, skills that contribute
to both their academic and personal success.
Fine Arts Extracurricular
For those students with a heightened interest in the arts, STA offers extracurricular activities and clubs that span across the Fine Arts department. These
include Sound Crew, Art Club, Improv and participation in STA’s dramatic and musical productions.