Physical and Health Education

Building healthy lifestyles


PHE and Recreational Department
Through physical education classes and recreation activities, students develop the knowledge, skills, and true sport spirit to be ACTIVE for LIFE.
Activities offered in support of the PHE 8 Physical Literacy Active for Life journey include:
  • Fundamental Movement Skill (FMS): Run, Jump, Throw Challenge and Development
  • Functional training for sport and active living
  • Fundamental Sports Skills (FSS) Challenge and Development through: football, basketball, floorball, futsal, softball, volleyball, badminton, wrestling, dance, gymnastics, and track & field
Course Offerings
Student Leadership and Community Recreation:
  • Over the course of their PHE 8-12 journey, students
are equipped to take on progressively greater shared
leadership roles in PHE classes. 
In intramurals, students collaboratively organize,
manage, and captain their own teams.  Student led
intramural sports offered include volleyball, basketball,
floorball and futsal.



  • Long Term Active for Life Development (LTAD):
Through in-class, intramural, extracurricular and community rec streams of physical activities and
reflection, including a sport movement and strength & conditioning program, students develop their overall physical and health literacy and athleticism across the full Physical Activity for Health to Sporting Excellence continuum.
Sports Academies:
  • Students may apply to participate in PHE programs organized around the passionate pursuit of physical, technical and tactical development for specific sports, including: basketball and volleyball. To gain information about Sports Academy Registration, click here.
Big Ideas