Developing critical thinking

science department
Science Department
Our Science Department strives for the acquisition of a wide range of scientific knowledge, methods and approaches that allow for critical thinking at all levels of study.  Junior students focus on developing basic skills of scientific enquiry, narrowing their focus to specific scientific fields upon entering the senior grades.

Early curricula provide fundamental education in the physical, earth/space and life sciences, and also give students, the opportunity to practice the scientific method through participation in the annual grade 8 Science Fair.  Later curricula allow for further exploration of scientific fields through formal labs, field trips and contests outside of the STA community.  The focus for all of our science courses is the development of critical thinking.                                        
Course Offerings
  • Science 8-10
  • Earth Sciences 11
  • Life Sciences 11
  • Science for Citizens
  • Chemistry 11-12
  • Environmental Science 11-12
  • Physics 11-12
  • Anatomy and Physiology 12
  • Geology 12


Field Trips and Activities
STA gives our science students a chance to explore scientific educational resources outside of the classroom through visits to the Vancouver Aquarium, Britannia Mine Museum, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, and Amusement Park Physics.

Students who are especially interested in science also have the opportunity to enter a number of contests including the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair, the Michael Smith Challenge and the TRU Chemistry Contest.

Big Ideas